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Aransas Evening was the focus of a 10-day blog tour at Lone Star Literary Life beginning January 17. There were reviews, author interviews, photos and giveaways.

Aransas Evening is the sequel to Aransas Morning published in September 2017. Both books are set in the Gulf Coast town of Port Aransas, Texas. Many readers have asked, “What happens next with Sam, Shelly, Dave, Allie, and Bo?” As it turns out, plenty happens including the arrival of a menacing new character: Hurricane Harvey.

Here is a sneak-peak excerpt: Harvey Approaches

We published Aransas Morning shortly after Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas Gulf Coast with historic, life-changing consequences. Aransas Evening will follow a little more than a year after the storm. We’ve been donating 75% of the net proceeds from book sales to agencies helping with the recovery and rebuilding efforts, and that effort will continue. Aransas Morning is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and at this web site. Visit this link for details:

Aransas Morning

Aransas Evening is available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at this web site.  Visit this link for more details:

Aransas Evening

Aransas Evening continues where Aransas Morning ended, and readers who got to know Sam, Shelly, Dave, Allie and Bo will enjoy catching up on their lives and see what the future holds, especially in the aftermath of the hurricane.

If you haven’t yet dipped your toes into the waters of Aransas Morning, the book was the focus of a blog tour earlier this year at Lone Star Literary Life. The tour included reviews, interviews, playlists, photos and giveaways. You can check out all the highlights at this link: Aransas Morning.

News Release: Aransas Evening

With Aransas Evening wrapped up, I’m eager to publish a collection of essays on community in its many forms. Apparently it is one of my favorite subjects because it’s been the topic of so many of my blog posts over the past few years. My goal is to have a book completed and available by mid-2019. I want to do the same next year with some essays that I’ve called “Lessons from the Garden.” You can get a taste here:  Lessons from the Garden.

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Photo: Tree grove, Yosemite National Park, California


Buy a book and help a neighbor: All purchases of Aransas Morning and Aransas Evening support relief and reconstruction on the Texas Gulf Coast following Hurricane Harvey. And all books and notecards make great gifts for family and friends. Click a link below and browse the titles. Books are available directly from this site, and online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million and Interabang.


Aransas Morning

Aransas Evening

Grandpa Jack

Jonah Prophet

When the Light Returned to Main Street

The Snowman Uprising on Hickory Lane


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Safe and Secure

For Wilshire Baptist Church I’d never experienced it before and nobody else I talked to who was there had either: a fire alarm at a memorial service.  We’d sung hymns, heard the eulogy and family memories, and the minister was halfway through his message when a bright white emergency light began blinking on the wall …

Let Freedom Ring

For Wilshire Baptist Church Sunday in church we sang the hymn, “My Country ’Tis of Thee,” in advance of Independence Day, which lands on Thursday this week. We sing it just once each year at Wilshire, but there is a message in the text that should have some year-round implications.


A few notes about myself:

I had my first piece of creative writing published in a school district anthology as a second grader, and I’ve been writing ever since. I majored in Journalism at Baylor University and was editor of the Baylor Lariat campus newspaper. I began my professional career at the Waco Tribune-Herald and have written for newspapers, magazines, businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies. I currently live and work as a freelance writer in Garland, Texas, with my wife LeAnn.

I’ve published six books: “Grandpa Jack,” a novel about a local hero who becomes a third-party candidate for president; “The Snowman Uprising on Hickory Lane,” a tale for older children about what happens when you bully the wrong person; “Jonah Prophet,” an allegory on the Old Testament Book of Jonah set in the modern business world; and “When the Light Returned to Main Street,” a collection of short stories with Christmas themes.

My newest novels, “Aransas Morning” and “Aransas Evening” about a group of individuals who find redemption and family on the Texas Gulf Coast, were published in 2017 and 2018. A collection of essays on the theme of “community” in its many forms is headed toward publication. Many of these come from my weekly blog for Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas.

A more formal resume can be found here: Jeff Hampton.

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