And Now Let Us Pray . . .

For Wilshire Baptist Church 

I don’t recall exactly when it started but sometime early in our relationship LeAnn and I began holding hands whenever there was a prayer being spoken. Certainly it was a sign of our shared faith, but I confess that early on it was a good excuse to lace our fingers together as couples do when they’re beginning to feel connected. We were sort of hiding out in the beginning, and prayer time offered a chance to make contact while “every head was bowed and every eye was closed.” Continue reading “And Now Let Us Pray . . .”

Holy Rollers

For Wilshire Baptist Church

“Caution: Church Bus”

That’s what I saw painted in black letters on the back of a white van traveling north on the interstate on Friday evening. I was so intrigued by it – and specifically that word “caution” – that I lay my cell phone across the top of the steering wheel and took a picture. LeAnn might have stopped me but she was snoozing in the passenger seat after an emotionally charged week and a full-day meeting in Waco. Continue reading “Holy Rollers”